You can even marry someone who's of the same sex as you if you choose, how liberating is that! Luckily, summertime can be one of the best times for flying solo.This is a time to live in your truth and speak it without remorse. There's plenty to do, and it's hard not to have a positive attitude when the sun is shining and everyone is outside soaking it up.I have to figure out how to stand in the median when it comes to love. We can fool ourselves out of our need or desperation and develop a fantasy about our man that seems, and feels true, but is not actually realizing.

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I also need to learn to stop thinking that when one falls short, that that's it.

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The short features young schoolgirls discussing cooties, the 'friend zone' and other dating problems.

KAZINFORM Relationship expert Matthew Hussey and Woodhead Entertainment collaborate together to create 'Kids Talk Dating Problems', a short promoting Hussey's new dating book, Get the Guy.

Considering how recently Taylor's last relationship ended, these events have raised speculation as to whether this is simply a ploy for media attention, an attempt to make her ex jealous, or actually true love. It raises the question, is there a necessary timeline to follow when recovering from a breakup? I challenge you to take a stand again your abusers. People who treat you like sh*t, attempt to control your beautiful, free spirit and anyone else who makes you feel like you're weak or incompetent. If you happen to stumble upon one of the "wild" creatures, you can swipe up to throw the famous white and red ball to add this new creature to your collection of Pokemon.

I don't care if they are family or life long friends...choose YOU, always! If it's a priority to you, then I think dating someone as activity and fitness minded as yourself has the more likely potential to lead to a successful long-term relationship than otherwise. You are free to do things that were illegal just 17 years ago.

You may even have one of them on your call list for those late, lonely nights when you can't help yourself but send that 'you up? As you walk around your local city, you have the opportunity to capture as many Pokemon as you can.

I've been married for over 10 years, so it's been a while since I've dated, but from what I remember of trying to find a partner of someone I generally wanted to spend my time with, finding good mom friends is pretty much the same process.

Bakhytbek Yessentayev arrested after allegedly assaulting wife TALDYKORGAN.

KAZINFORM - Husband of well-known Kazakhstani producer Bayan Yesentayeva Bakhytbek Yessentayev has been detained after allegedly assaulting his wife and stabbing her with a knife.

When dating a military man, it's important to be supportive and loving, and to avoid being too demanding.