She subsequently dated a woman named Dottie which ended badly ("Election Day").Later on, Jay married a Colombian woman Gloria who has a son Manny Delgado from her marriage to Javier.

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But despite all this, he is a decent man who cares about the welfare of his family.

Jay is also quite charismatic, which he attributes to his blue eyes.

He claims that he is like catnip to sister-in-laws, as De De's sisters Be Be and Ce Ce, and Gloria's sister Sonia are attracted to him ("Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister").

Jay eventually would serve in the Vietnam War and have his navy training in Pensacola at age 18.

There he would meet Charlotte, who was 31 at the time and have his first sexual experience ("Goodnight Gracie").

Later in his life, Jay married De De Williams and together they have two children: Claire and Mitchell.

They were married for 35 years until they divorced when they grew apart and De De left to find herself.

Williams† - Ex-Mother-in-Law Ce Ce Williams - Ex-Sister-in-Law Be Be Williams - Ex-Sister-in-Law Fulgencio† - Father-in-Law Pilar - Mother-in-Law Sonia - Sister-in-Law 2 Unnamed Brothers-in-Law (via Gloria) Jason Francis "Jay" Pritchett is the patriarch of the Pritchett family. He is married to Gloria and is stepfather to Manny. When Jay was 10 and Donnie was 8, a bully named Joey Calieri took Donnie's bicycle and Jay put Joey's head in the ice.

Pritchett† - Mother Gloria Pritchett - Wife Claire Dunphy - Daughter Mitchell Pritchett - Son Manny Delgado - Step-Son Joe Pritchett - Son Donnie Pritchett - Brother Becky Pritchett - Sister Irene Pritchett - Sister in-Law Michael Pritchett - Nephew Unnamed Niece-in-Law Melanie Pritchett - Great-Niece Stella - Pet De De Pritchett - Ex-Wife Phil Dunphy - Son-in-Law Haley Dunphy - Granddaughter Alex Dunphy - Granddaughter Luke Dunphy - Grandson Lily Tucker-Pritchett - Adoptive Granddaughter Cameron Tucker - Son-in-Law Lucas Williams† - Ex-Father-in-Law Mrs. He also has a sister Becky and a younger brother Donnie.

He is a veteran of the Vietnam War and is the former owner of Pritchett's Closets & Blinds. When Jay was 12, he sneaked off to the movies with his best friend Jim and after seeing Solomon and Sheba swore someday he would marry Gina Lollobrigida ("Boys' Night").

Before he turned 18, he used a fake ID to enlist in the army unsuccessfully ("Hit and Run").