"People can go [to the website] and see what we have got here.'' She hoped it would provide more help to people looking for jobs for themselves and their potential partners, as well as providing information on places to live."We're using our networks to help people find their feet.'' It was hoped the website would start operating in the next few months.Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan said about 50 people found employment in the district following last year's job fair, but there was still a need to be proactive and provide an "all encompassing'' support system for job-seekers wanting to move to the Clutha District.

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More work is under way to attract people to work and live in the Clutha District, following the success of a speed-dating-style job fair.

A new job-seeking website is to be launched featuring jobs available in the district, while more job fairs, similar to the one held last year where 13 employers from the Clutha district met job-seekers in Dunedin, are also on the cards.

Clutha Development executive officer Linda Moore said the website would be called Clutha Country Live and Work.

"It's a portal for employers and people wanting to come here,'' she said.

Mr Cadogan was impressed with the number of high-tier jobs, mostly for tertiary education graduates, offered at the fair.

There was a lot to learn from the first job fair but he said overall it went "positively''.In the future, Mr Cadogan hoped to hold the job fair at a more convenient time for graduating students so they could see the potential in the Clutha district.It was unclear how many who had secured jobs had moved to the area and how many were commuting to their Clutha jobs from other places.Lack of accommodation continued to be a problem in the area. Developing the area was definitely on the agenda, as a lot of employers in Milton were still looking for workers."Milton is the one with so many jobs, but you're hard-skittled to line up [accommodation].'' Housing was generally full and there was little possibility of building more, because surrounding land was low-lying and flood-prone.Mr Cadogan said jobs being filled in the district helped boost the demand for housing stock, which was positive for the area.