The major human sex organ is the brain, and Doc's expensive placebos worked just often enough. Most opted for cheaper miracles, but at least a few really did drop the big bucks, and their pants, to gain from a goat's loss.There's a rumor (in Los Angeles everything is a rumor) that more than one fading Hollywood matinee idol paid to let this guy cut into their manhood.Doctor couldn't spend the money fast enough, and he spent it pretty fast, on diamonds, nice cars, big houses, an airplane, a drug store, and a bank.

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He actually came from North Carolina, but it didn't matter. If you were really, really desperate, and really, really rich, Doctor could even give you the guaranteed sex cure of all time.

Doctor Brinkley had a genuine medical diploma, two of them in fact, both very impressive looking, both from schools that never made it into the medical college guide. For $750, a king's ransom in the early 20s, you got his infamous goat gland operation.

Doc was one of those smooth talkers, with a voice that could charm the moon right out of the sky, definitely the type who could sell the proverbial iceboxes in Alaska. In this procedure, your, uh, family jewels were fitted with tiny slivers of tissue from the testicles of castrated goats.

Increasingly, though, what Doctor sold was virility. After all, nobody ever saw an impotent goat, now did they?

A fraternal group called the Kansas Navy made him an honorary admiral.

The title seemed appropriate for this con-man somehow, in a place where the deepest body of water is the Missouri River, and even half of that is in another state.

So it's no surprise that, in 1922, Doc saw the potential of these new-fangled radio stations, and started one of his own.

Talking about Pearl Jam, yesterday one fellow schmoe turned on my 90 nostalgia even more than you, when he posted one video of Pearl Jam, belonging to the soundtrack of the movie "Singles" a 90 movie, by Cameron Crow, with an amazing soundtrack (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, REM, etc.), I re watched it and it was awesome. Since Eddie Vedder makes a cameo there, I was all the way drooling.

" Other people turn off today's syndicated crud, and moan that radio broadcast standards have never been lower. Brinkley, at his clinic in Milford, Kansas, could give you his super-duper prostate "cure" - for a price.