With your busy lifestyle, it can be hard to find someone who shares the same beliefs as you.Whether you are a church only on Sunday person, or one who enjoys the deeper study of Christian beliefs. Christian is the premiere site for Christian Singles.

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Once you find someone you like on Christian Singles.com, you can invite them into your Little Black Book. But you better hurry, Christian is a real winner and they will hit that 5,000 mark before you know it.

If they accept, you will have access to their private photos and you can chat through IM. Christian Negatives: Christian makes use of a Browse Photos feature, which loads your page with a grid of photos of members to choose from.

Sign up is easy and you can start off with as much or as little personal information on display as you want to give and best of all, Christian is FREE to the first 5,000 people who sign up. If looks are all that is important to you, this is a great feature, but I hate to see people making judgments from a photo alone.

Second, it looks like they are still working the bugs out of this one.

I’m very happy to find out a christian site where i can chat with people of the same believe and faith in God, I want to encourage everyone to keep pressing forward for the Kingdom of God is hand, Always be faithful for He who have called us is faithful, Be bless Dear i have been waiting for a day like this which i will be able to meet christian fellows to whom christ have join us together in christian site. E-mail me on Christian Lifestyle if you are serious about life and love. I AM 75&MY FRIENDS SAY I DONT LOOK OR ACT IT& THAT I HAVE PRETTY LONG BROWN HAIR TO BE MY AGE&THEY TEL ME THAT ITHEY LOVE MY COOKING & WHEN I COOK I DO COOK HOME MADE DOWN HOME COUNTRY STLYE MEALS&I LOKE TO HAVE FUN&THE THINGFS I LOVE TO DO IS GO TO CHURH-OUT TO EAT-WATCH A VIDEO-COMPUTER- I WAQNT TO GET TO KNOW A MAN FIRST &BECOME FRIENDS AT FIRST&THEN WHAT EVER HAPPENS WHO KNOWS&THEN MAQYBE LATER AFTER WE GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER THENI REALY AM LOOKING FOR MY CHRISTAN SOUL MATER INBETWEEN AGES 68-79 EMAIL ME HERE and lets get started talking &befcome friends&I HAVE BLUE EYES&TEL YOU MORE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED I am glad that I have found a christian site.

This is a great privilege for we the followers of christ to believe that God is coming back to carry his children’s back to to the heavenly home where we will all have eternity. I have had many friends tell me to find someone in my church to date, but everyone is already married or found someone.

I am a 34 year old single christian lack emale and i have 2 beautiful children. There are not a lot of single guys in my age group that go to church alone.

The search feature does not appear to work and there are a limited number of active profiles.

Christian Summary: If you are looking for a Christian mate, you cannot beat Christian

It is a clean, bright site with great profiles that really help you know the person on the other end of the chat.

And at the current price of FREE, how can you go wrong?