The application will be a simple Contact Manager app which will allow user to add new contacts.The list of contacts will be displayed and user will be able to delete existing contacts. We will have a layered architecture for our demo application.The database will be accessed by a Data Access layer popularly called as DAO Layer.

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Important: Support for the Android Developer Tools (ADT) in Eclipse has ended, per our announcement.

You should migrate your app development projects to Android Studio as soon as possible.

For more information on transitioning to Android Studio, see Migrating from Eclipse ADT.

Formerly the official IDE solution for Android development, Android Developer Tools (ADT) is a plugin for Eclipse that provides GUI-based access to many of the command-line SDK tools, along with a UI design tool for rapid prototyping, designing, and building of your app's user interface.

For our Contact Manager example, we will use My SQL database. This is very preliminary example and thus we have minimum columns to represent a contact.

Feel free to extend this example and create a more complex application.

The contact manager application will use Maven for build and dependency management.

As with ADT, support for the Ant tool for building from the command line has ended.

Gradle is now the supported method of building Android apps.

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For this application we will also use Maven for build and dependency management and My SQL as database to persist the data.