Most developers are switching from building networks from scratch using PHP to highly-customizable social network platforms that give way to flexibility.

Here you’ll find a massive collection of quality plugins. While most content management systems are designed for only a handful of authors, Pligg CMS was designed to manage a site with an unlimited number of authors.

All of these registered users are in control of the website’s content.

It is a user driven CMS that relies on independent authors’ content and participation to manage news articles.

Building a social network isn’t an easy task, let alone a successful one.

As developers our job is to create, build, and bring to life the gears and functions of a social network.

When it comes to marketing, well that’s a different department in most cases.

We build then later deploy, and in order to develop a highly efficient and functional social network we’ll need to use a few tools.

Buddy Press is the social network platform version of Word Press.

As you can guess Word Press is one of the most popular CMS’s available due to its quality, same goes for Buddy Press, this is one of the most widely used platforms.

It’s absolutely free, allows you to fully customize your social network, and offer your users a unique experience through the use of features such as friend connections, extended profiles, discussion forums, private messaging, and powerful plugins.

On top of the social network platform, you also receive the option to integrate Word Press as your ultimate blogging solution for each of your users.