My mother, who had been mentally ill since about 1932, was becoming a nuisance bothering people, had to be put in jail until they transferred her to the State Hospital. Only my younger brother and I were placed in the Home. I suppose there were about 50 or so children at the Home while I was there - give or take a half-dozen. His father died in 1929, leaving his mother to take care of 5 children. In 1872 the institution received a part of the county tax for charitable instituions. The initial cost of the building was more than $150,000 and it had accomodations for more than 300 children. the children stayed together in the home they were sent to for some time then kathryn was sent elsewhere and Nathan never saw her again.

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The County Home was primarily for indigent adults; those with little or no family and/or money. If someone could help or tell me where to look I would really appreciate it. -------------------------------------------------- Debra Dove, [email protected], Sat Mar 16 2002 St Johns Orphan Asylum, Utica, NY Here's the basic history of St John's Orphan Asylum in Utica, NY: It was started by John and Nicholas Devereaux (brothers). The Devereaux family continued its charity and it was their desire that the institution be entirely supported at their expense, but the sisters also set up fundraisers for support. I am really anxious to know my real family and depressed not knowing my real family. -------------------------------------------------- Lynn Shockey, [email protected] COM, Thu Jul 11 2002 Tioga or Potter County, Pennsylvania (and surrounding areas) I am not an orphan from a home, but i have been searching for one for quite a while.

It was sometimes referred to as the poor farm or the old folks home. Don't know his father or mothers name or if he had brothers or sisters. They appealed to the newly established Community in St Joseph's Valley, Emmitsburg, Md and the request was granted. Then in 1849 an order was received to releave the Devereaus family of the charge and the institution became an incorporated body. The Rev Joseph Stokes and Francis Kernan served as president from 1849- 1863. My problem is that i do not know the name fo the home(s) that the people i am searching for were in.

The children's home housed mostly orphans and some children whose parents could not control them at home. The Williard Home was, I believe, called the Children's Home to distinguish it from the County Home. -------------------------------------------------- Joyce Hyde, momof Hand [email protected], Tue Mar 13 2001 Vermilion County Orphanage, Vermilion County, Illinois 1932- 1936 My dad, Wesley E. After a journey by stage and canal boat, Sisters Etienne Hall, Lucina Simms and Theophilia Williams arrived in Utica and opened the ninth establishment of the Sisters of Charity in the U. Since then the institution has been under a board of directors and a superior has served as president. I am looking for anyone who may have information on Nathan Allen and his sister Kathryn (any variety of spellings) Allen.

I was "put" there because my father (who was born in 1862 during Lincoln's admin.) died. Ford, (born 1919) and 2 of his brothers spent 4 years of his life in this orphanage. In 1853 Michael Mc Quade and his wife, Johanna gave a gift of land. They were left on church steps in Tioga or Potter county somewhere around the years 1906 to 1909.

Čeprav se že en teden govori o tem, da je Ana Tavčar svojega moža načevljala in je že v zvezi z drugim moškim, pa Igor Pirkovič o tem ne ve nič.

Urednik Tednika je namreč medijem po tednu molka povedal, da govoric iz rumenih medijev ne komentira, da pa se ne ločuje.

-------------------------------------------------- Bill Hasinger, Ace [email protected], Tue Feb 27 2001 Williard Home, Indiana County, PA, USA The Indiana County (Pa.) Home was situated on the old Campbell farm outside the city limits. Unknown I'm looking for anyone that would like to share memories of The Baptist Orphanage, Jackson, MS, during the time Mr. I was born in Vilnius and live there for 6 years in an orphanage in Vilnius. The adopted mother is named Aldonna Kaulius Barry and my adopted dad is named Michael Barry.

About a few hundred yards down the dirt road was the Williard Home. The cycles not yet broken, like pearls on a string... I am looking for my real family or relatives, so if anyone found any information under the file of my adopted parents, please please write to my e-mail. -------------------------------------------------- , , Thu Jul 4 2002 .

I remember telling her that we wouldn't eat much and that we'd sleep on the floor. The Matron had a talk with us and said we wouldn't have to be there too long. Anyway, I'm looking for anyone that served their time in this orphanage, my dad is still alive, he's 81 years old, and I think he might like to correspond with fellow "inmates". -------------------------------------------------- Jentami Feldhaus , [email protected], Thu May 24 2001 HOME OF DESTITUTE and CRIPPLED CHILDREN, Chicago, Illinois 1900 - 1945 Seeking anyone who was in this home during this time. I am desperately seeking any information that I can find on St. John's Orphan Asylum Corporation, 1942-46; minutes of the Advisory board, 1947-56; resolutions, bylaws and administrative reports, 1834-1951; correspondence, 1884-1979; annual reports, 1880-1967; financial and legal documents, including deeds, 1831-1968; clippings, 1858-1979; photographs, c.1890-1969; and school yearbooks, student and faculty handbooks, programs, articles and brochures. She was adopted to some people in Lincoln who owned a cigar store . I am looking for any information concerning the death of a little 8-year boy. We have no idea where the family comes from and it would mean so much for us to find Kathryn and/or her descendants. -------------------------------------------------- Aline Roig, [email protected], Tue Jul 30 2002 St. However, when I obtained her SS-5 application from Social Security she wrote her maiden name was French. I recently found a Cordelia French as a boarder in a home. She did say that the orphanage used to loan the children out to work on farms to help harvest crops at harvesting time.