3 June 2007After only a four day courtship, Roxy impetuously decides to marry Private First Class Trevor Le Blanc and moves with her two kids to his Army post.Floundering in her new life as an Army wife, she takes a job bar-tending at an off-post bar.

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17 June 2007The preparations for an Iraq tour go on in Fort Marshall.

Jeremy tells his pa about his refusal to go to West Point and presumed psychological disorder.

Trevor makes his will and tells Roxy he wants to adopt her lovely boys to spare them his horrible youth as foster reject. Pamela ends the whispering by shouting her surrogate results trough the microphone.

10 June 2007Trevor Le Blanc gets on great with his kid stepsons Finn and T.

J., yet his wife Roxy's joy over the plan to adopt them, although the biological fathers may still cause problems, is overshadowed by her inability to help prepare or even accept his orders to leave for Iraq.

Chase Moran is far from amused that his wife Pamela begrudges him any 'luxury' while her parents aren't paid back to the last cent.

Worse, trouble with delivering the newborn babies cause the surrogate mother, who stays 'just a day' in major Michael Holden's home, to bond with the twins.

Colonel Joan Burton, who has just returned from Afghanistan.

Then there's Denise Sherwood, who is dealing with her son Jeremy's anger-management issues as her strict husband, Major Frank Sherwood, is about to be deployed.