Even though this bar lacks the views and the ambiance of the several Riverside Bars popular with jazz fans, we love North Gate Jazz Co-Op for sticking true to jazz classics and not watering it down pop standards as some places are prone to do in Thailand.The bar is a little run down and offers limited seats inside, so if you are lucky you might grab the sofa facing the band, but we enjoy the ambiance at the tables that spill out of the bar.Usually there are two bands every night, playing from and finishing at . Just south of Tha Pae Gate, the short strip leading towards Night Bazaar is a jungle of girlie bars, massage parlours and go-go pubs with their prettiest staff members outside beckoning patrons like sirens.

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The Old City in Chiang Mai is best known for its refined culture and relaxed ambiance during the day, but at night the city comes alive with many different types entertainment on offer: live music venues, chilled out beer gardens, adults-only girlie bars and a surprising amount of late night discos where the young and carefree can dance late into the night.

In our Top 10 Night Spots in Chiang Mai Old City we have covered all of the different facets that make the town such a great place to visit, and perhaps show that there’s more to Chiang Mai than temples and handicrafts.

North Gate Jazz Co-Op is the premier live jazz bar in Chiang Mai, with an immensely talented roster of live musicians.

It is located close to the Chang Puak Gate on the north side of the moat in the Old City.

The bars are all similar with a row of girls with drinking games like Connect Four and possibly a pool table.

They are all located next to each other so you can walk (or even stagger) from one to the next.

Irish pubs are a ubiquitous sight in any tourist area, and the Old City in Chiang Mai is no different.

I’m confident you know the score by now: oak and brass fittings, hearty pub grub, football on the telly, Guinness on tap – The UN Irish Pub isn’t reinventing the wheel but they are the best at what they do in Chiang Mai.

The menu offers all those comfort foods Europeans miss from back home such as bangers and mash or a steak pie.

Prices are slightly higher than many of the surrounding places on Ratwithi Road, but offer value for money. Entertainment Complex is an entire warehouse dedicated to adult nightlife – a lot of fun but not the best place to bring your family.

Saturday and Sunday nights The UN Irish Pub is popular for Premier League football fans, and on Monday, NFL takes centre stage. Easily spotted by the glowing red neon sign that says “Free Show”, the complex houses some 30 girlie bars with pool tables and loud, throbbing music.